December 3, 2018

2 Weeks with Canva

In attempting to make our design requirements easier and faster we signed up to Canva. This has not gone well. The interface is clunky, unintuitive and awkward to use. In hindsight, this should have been obvious from a web app. Web apps are never going to live up to proper desktop applications, especially where design, fonts, and colours are involved. Secondly, CMYK is non-existent. The app tells you it is not really needed for print, but that is really poor advice. Most print houses print CMYK and the design needs to be rendered CMYK. Canva does send you to some third party site where you can convert you image’s colours model, but this is not adequate in my opinion for good quality CMYK. Finally, much of the design elements require purchase. The free ideas and templates are very limited.

In conclusion, I have been creating my graphics using Affinity Designer (£48.99), using Pexels for images and I have an array of fonts on my desktop. My designs are done in half the time Canva takes and changing the colour model is a breeze. I love the idea of Canva, but find it’s implementation is way too slow for my liking.

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