April 14, 2019

Companies/Organisations that discriminate against Christians

As a Christian I’ve heard more than my fair share of discrimination. Christians called bigoted, phobic and a whole host of other names I can’t post here. Some are justified and others not.

In the past year year I’m facing more and more discrimination against Christians. Some of it is subtle, but it’s discrimination non-the-less. I’ve created this post to keep a list of companies that discriminate against Christians. The may discriminate against other groups (and often do), but my concern in this post is a list of companies that have an agenda against Christians. The main purpose is so that I don’t inadvertently forget and use them.

Definition of Discriminate”

make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age: existing employment policies discriminate against women.
– Apple Dictionary

Trello discriminates against Christians (14/04/2019)


Atlassian Community Licenses are designed for registered non-profit charitable organizations and charities which are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial in nature, have no religious affiliation and that would not otherwise be able to afford Atlassian software. If your organization does not really fit into this description, we suggest you purchase one of our commercial licenses — they are still highly affordable.

So you can get a discount unless you’re religious (amongst other groups being discriminated against).

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December 8, 2018

Great Commission Video

Instead of you | Great Commission from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.

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December 3, 2018

Forgetting old friends - Goodbye Cocoatech

I recently received an email from Cocoatech about their new version of Pathfinder. I’ve bought a couple of previous licences so thought I’d give it a go. First however, I thought I’d check out the upgrade price. I have v6 and v8 has just launched. Guess what, no discount for v6?! I would have thought being a customer and having purchased previous copies of Pathfinder would have at least meant something to Cocoatech, but no, it seems not.

Cocoatech are not the only ones to do this. Many companies especially those moving to a subscription model leave their old customers in the dust. Then there are those who say, unless you upgrade in the first week you won’t get an upgrade discount, Ulysses where a good example of this only offering their discount for a very short period. If you where on holiday, it was tough luck!

All of this leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I have no desire to support developers, who really care so little about previous customers. The old saying is applicable:

Vote with your feet

I’m doing just that, I’m adding Cocatech to the list of companies I will not purchase software from in the future.

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December 3, 2018

2 Weeks with Canva

In attempting to make our design requirements easier and faster we signed up to Canva. This has not gone well. The interface is clunky, unintuitive and awkward to use. In hindsight, this should have been obvious from a web app. Web apps are never going to live up to proper desktop applications, especially where design, fonts, and colours are involved. Secondly, CMYK is non-existent. The app tells you it is not really needed for print, but that is really poor advice. Most print houses print CMYK and the design needs to be rendered CMYK. Canva does send you to some third party site where you can convert you image’s colours model, but this is not adequate in my opinion for good quality CMYK. Finally, much of the design elements require purchase. The free ideas and templates are very limited.

In conclusion, I have been creating my graphics using Affinity Designer (£48.99), using Pexels for images and I have an array of fonts on my desktop. My designs are done in half the time Canva takes and changing the colour model is a breeze. I love the idea of Canva, but find it’s implementation is way too slow for my liking.

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December 1, 2018

Quote - Explain & Defend Christianity

Ever since I became a Christian I have thought that the best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbours was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times.”
—CS Lewis1

  1. Mere Christianity

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November 29, 2018

Quote - Holy Spirit works in us

…no outward instruction, even from Christ himself, or his words in holy scripture, can bring us the true and full blessing, till the Holy Spirit works in us.”
—Andrew Murray1

  1. Absolute Surrender

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